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Floor Beams

  • Prestressed Beam and Block flooring is a practical solution for ground and upper floors.
  • Easy and quick to install without the need for special skills. 
  • For the homeowner a Beam and Block floor helps reduce sound transmittance. 
  • Concrete floor beams provide a high level of thermal insulation and fire resistance. 
  • A standard or wide beam solution is well suited to open plan designs with large span requirements - an excellent alternative to concrete slab and timber floors. 
  • Maintenance free. 
  • Easy to handle. 
  • Standard beams in stock for immediate delivery
  • Technical support and design service - just send us your drawings?

If the size your require is not list below then please call us on 01753 208 755 or email customerservice@elintels.co.uk

Free UK delivery on orders over £200 ex vat.

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Supreme 3000mm Floor Beam

3000mm T-beam
£30.96 ex vat

Supreme 3600mm Floor Beam

3600mm T-beam
£37.15 ex vat

Supreme 4200mm Floor Beam

4200mm T-beam
£43.34 ex vat

Supreme 4800mm Floor Beam

4800mm T-beam
£52.04 ex vat