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ELintels supply genuine Catnic Lintels

ELintels supply genuine Catnic steel lintels.

Catnic has pioneered the steel lintel for five generations. Their signature products are manufactured with a unique duplex corrosion protection system. Catnic cavity lintels have a built in plaster key, built in damp proof course and continous insulation making them unique in the UK building industry. The black finished product make them stand out from the crowd!

Order a Catnic from ELintels and you get A Catnic from ELintels delivered to your project. Accept no imitations.

ACS Windpost Plus

The all new Windpost Plus has been developed and produced in partnership between ACS and London Lintels Limited. 

The Windpost Plus is designed to suit varying heights within the same product. The Windpost Plus comprises of a simple base fix allowing bolted connection straight to concrete foundation. Two top cleat options suitability dependent on your structure. There are holes down the height of the post to allow for height requirements in the range of 2700mm to 3000mm. Adjustment is utilised by using the pre set holes in the face of the post. The top connection can be positioned to suit the exact site requirement, Two setscrews are to be used between the cleat and the post. The Windpost Plus is an immediately available adjustable solution to your building needs.

  • Adjustable post length
  • Multiple fixing poitions
  • Clear length markers
  • Austenitic stainless steel
  • complete with ties and fixings
  • full technical backing
  • 60 year design life guarantee
  • available from stock immediately - phone 01420 501501 for orders
Stainless Steel Lintels

ELintels.co.uk stock a range of standard stainless steel lintels. Stainless steel lintels are manufactured from grade 304S15 Stainless steel.

For corrosive or coastal environments we can manufacture lintels from grade 316S31 Stainless steel.

Please telephone ELintels sales office for pricing and availability on all Stainless Steel Lintels 01753 208 755.

Delivery within 5 working days on Angles and Channels.

IKO Enertherm cavity wall insulation

IKO Enertherm cavity wall insulation is 100% CFC, HCFC or HFC-free insulation board with a rigid polyisocyanurate foam core, clad on both sides with a multi layer gastight aluminium complex.

This high quality reflectinh ALU cladding consists of no fewer than seven layers, combined in to a single complex. It is tested under extreme conditions in respect of water absorption, mechanical properties, 

corrosion resistance and emissivity.

Thermal performance of IKO Enertherm - Thermal conduction coefficient EN 13165 lamda 0.022W/(m.K)

Fire class according to EN 13501-1 Class E

Fire class according to BS 476 -p7 : Class 1 

data sheet available on request 

Birtley Supertherm Lintels

ELintels have Birtley Supertherm lintels in stock for quick delivery

ELintels stock Birtley Supertherm ST90 lintels suitable for 100mm cavity wall

ELintels stock Birtley Supertherm ST110 lintels suitable for 11omm cavity wall

Every Birtley lintel from ELintels is galvanised after production, Birtley Supergalv is the only lintel that guarantees complete and consistent protection.

Every Birtley lintel from ELintels is made from structural steel to EN10025, this is 30% stronger than pre-galvanised sheets typically used by other manufacturers.

Birtley lintels from ELintels have 50% more zinc protection than other brands.

UK made, CE marked compliant with all current European regulations.

Birtley SuperGalv Lintels

Birtley Supergalv Lintels are the only range that guarantees complete and consistent protection.

Every lintel is galvanised after production.

Every lintel is made from structural steel to EN10025. This steel is 30% stronger than the pre-galvanised steel sheets used by other well known manufacturers.

Each Birtley Supergalv lintel has at least 65 microns of zinc protection. Other well known brands have a slittle as 19 microns. Assuming a location with a corrosion rate of 1 micron per year, a Birtley Supergalv lintel is expected to reach 65 years before first maintenance. In the same location, an inferior lintel may only last 19 years.

manufactured in Birtley, County Durham, UK, our standard lintels comply with EN845-2 and all current British and European regulations

ELintels can deliver all Birtley Supergalv standard lintels NEXT DAY if required from our extensive stock warehouse just phone 01749 372501

'Support when you need it'

ARC Cavity Stop Socks

ARC Cavity Stop Socks are designed to restrict the spread of smoke and flames in external masonry and timber frame walls. They minimise the effect of flanking noise pollution at wall junctions too.

ARC Cavity Stop Socks are produced from low resin, non-combustible rockfibre mineral wool and are sleeved in polythene for on-site weather protection.

ARC Cavity Stop Socks are tested at Warrington Fire Research and Chiltern international Fire, achieving up to 4 hours fire integrity with traditional masonry construction and up to 1 hour in a timber frame construction.

ARC Cavity Stop Socks are designed to be compression fitted withind the cavity wall and are easily installed both vertically and horizontally during construction. Care should be taken to ensure butt joints are tightly fitted to maintain fire integrity. The cavity barrier must fully fill the cavity from the inner to outer leaf and any cavity insulation must be cut back. ARC Cavity Stop Socks can be manufactured to suit cavity widths up to 300mm

Stressline - Stanton Cast Stone

A comprehensive range of cast stone and reconstituted stone products are available.

Standard products include lintels, cills, door thresholds, copings, pier caps, corbels, keystones, string courses

Standard colours available are Bath, York, Cotswold or Portland and samples are available by request.

Send ELintels your drawings and we can schedule and price your Cast stone requirements?

Fire Solutions

Cavity stop socks by ARC

Cavity stop socks and TCBs have been designed to restrict the spread of smoke and flames within external masonry and timber frame walls.

They also minimise the effect of flanking noise polution at wall junctions. The product is produced from low resin, non-combustible rock fibre

mineral wall and are sleeved in 50 micron polythene for on-site weather protection. Popular sizes in stock for next day delivery.


Naylor Hi-Spec Concrete Lintels

The Naylor Hi-Spec range or High strength range is the foundation of Naylor Concrete and the construction industry. The Naylor Hi-Spec concrete

lintel is one of the most specified lintel ranges in the country. The method of manufacture produces a high performance pre-stressed concrete

concrete unit designed for use in plastered situations.

The range can be used as ground beams directly off pad foundations saving you time and money.

ELintels deliver Naylor Hi-Spec lintels from their own stock including types - S4, R6, R9, R12, R3, S5, R8, R11, R7, S8, P100, P140 and P215.

Naylor Fair faced and Fire-Spec concrete lintel ranges also in stock for immediate delivery, purchase on-line or phone for more information?